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No animated gifs, no frames, tables, fancy colors or snazzy graphics. But we do offer something different: content. If you are a techie, check out the Modern Practice of the Electric Telegraph, an accurate transcription of an 1870s era book on telegraphy (the original serial interface).

If you are a history buff, try the Life of William B. Ide, one account of how California came to be a part of the United States. Again, this book is more than 100 years old.

The newest addition to content is a 1904 home medical book, Medicology. Proofreading is not yet complete, but all 1400 pages of the book are there.

Modern Practice of the Electric Telegraph by Frank Pope

A Biographical Sketch of the Life of William B. Ide by Simeon Ide

Medicology (1904 WebMD)

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