Uncle Sam on the Fourth of July

Fountain in 2009
Fountain in 2009

A Note From Uncle Sam

This is the eleventh year I have had the pleasure and privilege of playing Uncle Sam for the City of Poway. We started out in 2007 with Polaroid film and not many takers, but starting in 2008 I began dragging this operation into the digital age.

For all of you who tell me about how you have made this event part of your children's lives, how you have pictures from year after year stuck to the refrigerator, how you look forward to coming to the park again to celebrate, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sample Picture Pages

Each photo has a unique Web address printed on it, like this:

This Web address is designed so that only the person with the print can access that picture online. However, you can share the Web address with friends or relatives in distant places so they can access your picture as well. Just remember, in the URL all of the letters are always lowercase.

The Web page for each picture has different size pictures for different purposes, all easily downloaded for email, Facebook or for making additional prints.

Here are some example pictures from the last few years.

Images from 2017

budwin.net/sam/w5ewmv   My beautiful sister came to visit
budwin.net/sam/u3mf9a   The Poway Princess Court
budwin.net/sam/dknxwj   My family, with Vernon
budwin.net/sam/jaqdp8   My sister again, with her husband and my wife
budwin.net/sam/h9n28f   Suzanne Emery!
budwin.net/sam/gn88gy   Lowell
budwin.net/sam/xesqxc   Vernon goes insane and tries to strangle Uncle Sam

Images from 2016

budwin.net/sam/btu2xk   Poway Princesses
budwin.net/sam/4uddzc   Poway Princesses (pointing)
budwin.net/sam/sk6atg   Lowell, a personal friend.
budwin.net/sam/65676b   Suzanne Emery, Poway treasure
budwin.net/sam/hjv5qv   Bob Meyer, the street organ guy
budwin.net/sam/fap7dd   My family

Images from 2015

budwin.net/sam/n9ftr7   Poway Princesses
budwin.net/sam/hxk8us   My family
budwin.net/sam/qxt693   Lowell, a personal friend, with family
budwin.net/sam/hnxzpa   Suzanne Emery

Images from 2014

budwin.net/sam/xbxtst   Tricorner revolutionary soldier
budwin.net/sam/mufdjz   Poway Princesses #1
budwin.net/sam/hf3xmv   Poway Princesses #2
budwin.net/sam/uvhz5c   Poway Princesses #3
budwin.net/sam/73sesd   Poway Princesses (all)
budwin.net/sam/fkvu3t   Poway Princesses (pointing)
budwin.net/sam/jh7tpb   Erik, a personal friend
budwin.net/sam/yxuzc7   Suzanne and Bob Emery, with condolences to Suzanne
budwin.net/sam/wejwih   Lowell, a personal friend, with friend
budwin.net/sam/9w2s6w   My family
budwin.net/sam/sm2whe   Scott, a personal friend

Images from 2013

budwin.net/sam/77zqpa   Bob the street organ player
budwin.net/sam/e3r7c2   Unidentified costume cowboy
budwin.net/sam/eeeew3   Scott, a personal friend
budwin.net/sam/figsj4   Lowell, a personal friend
budwin.net/sam/ijxmvh   Poway Princesses
budwin.net/sam/k37vrt   Tricorner revolutionary soldier
budwin.net/sam/n2fykk   Poway Rodeo Queens
budwin.net/sam/qupw3v   My family including my mom
budwin.net/sam/vv2guw   Park employee (Dave?)

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