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No animated gifs, no frames, tables, fancy colors or snazzy graphics. But we do offer something different: content. If you are a techie, check out the Modern Practice of the Electric Telegraph, an accurate transcription of an 1870s era book on telegraphy (the original serial interface).

If you are a history buff, try the Life of William B. Ide, one account of how California came to be a part of the United States. Again, this book is more than 100 years old.

The newest addition to content is a 1904 home medical book, Medicology. Read about a world where communicable diseases like Cholera and Typhoid Fever raged, where diabetes was a death sentence, and where mercury was used for almost anything, even as a laxative.

Modern Practice of the Electric Telegraph by Frank Pope

A Biographical Sketch of the Life of William B. Ide by Simeon Ide

Medicology (1904 WebMD)

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Guide to Spam-like Products

Not enough spam in your inbox? Here are well over 100 kinds of luncheon meat in the familiar 12 oz can.

Uncle Sam on the Fourth of July

I will admit to having one regular job, but it's only one day a year and I don't get paid for it.

Family Album

One of the earliest pictures I put on the Web, using an image map to identify items on the picture. Pretty cutting edge for the 1990's! It's grainy because it started out life as a 256 color GIF, before browsers could render JPG files.

Home page of the Insectoid!!!

Kids gotta have their own Web space!

Home page of the Arachnoid!!!

Kids gotta have their own Web space!