Above used to be a link to the Daily Carrot, the original Jazz Jackrabbit homepage, but it doesn't work anymore. A better resource for Jazz and Jazz 2 (more the latter) would be the Jazz 2 Online site.

Jazz Jackrabbit is a very fun and fast-paced game. You are Jazz Jackrabbit, a rabbit with an attitude and a gun, who's out to save Eva Earlong (a rabbit princess) from the notorious Devan Shell, a turtle who is planning the domination of Jazz and Eva's home planet Carrotus. There are loads of planets, bonus levels, secret levels and loads of different bad guys, items, and obstacles. I will explain most of these in more detail in the following pages.

While the full version was never available in stores (only via mail-order from Epic MegaGames), the first episode, Turtle Terror, was widely popular in the shareware community in the mid-90's. A CD edition was later released; it is available for purchase from Epic Classics (still mail order, though). A popular sequel, Jazz Jackrabbit 2, was released in 1998 or 1999; more info about it can be found at the Jazz 2 Online site. It might have been available in stores when it came out, but I can't remember. Today, you'd have to go on eBay or somewhere similar to find a copy; I just happened to be lucky enough to stumble upon a copy at EB Games a few years ago.

Planets and the Bonus Level  - Descriptions of all 27 planets and all 9 Guardian levels, and what unique objects and enemies you might find on them, as well as information on the two Holiday Hare episodes and the Bonus Level.

Items - Descriptions of items.

Weapons - Descriptions of weapons.

Common Objects - Descriptions of common objects.

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