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Weisbach's Mechanics.

Fourth Edition, Revised. 8vo. Cloth. $10.00.

A Manual of Theoretical Mechanics.  By Julius Weisbach, Ph.D.
 Translated from the fourth augmented and improved German
 edition, with an introduction to the Calculus, by Eckley B.
 Coxe, A. M., Mining Engineer.  1100 pages and 902 wood-cut


Francis' Lowell Hydraulics.

Third Edition. 4to. Cloth. $15.00

Lowell Hydraulic Experiments--- being a Selection from
 Experiments on Hydraulic Motors, on the Flow of Water over
 Weirs, and in open Canals of Uniform Rectangular Section, made
 at Lowell, Mass. By J. B. Francis, Civil Engineer.  Third
 edition, revised and enlarged, including many New Experiments on
 Gauging Water in Open Canals, and on the Flow through Submerged
 Orifices and Diverging Tubes. With 23 copperplates, beautifully
 engraved, and about 100 new pages of text.


Kirkwood on Filtration.

4to. Cloth. $15.00

Report on the Filtration of River Waters, for the Supply of
 Cities, as practised in Europe, made to the Board of Water
 Commissioners of the City of St. Louis.  By James P. Kirkwood.
 Illustrated by 30 double-plate engravings.


Campin's Iron Roofs.

4to. Cloth. $2.

On the Construction of Iron Roofs.  A Theoretical and Practical
 Treatise.  By Francis Campin, C. E. Mem. Mat. Acad. of Great
 Britain. With wood-cuts and plates of roofs lately executed.


Merrill's Iron Truss Bridges.

Third Edition. 4to. Cloth. $5.00

Iron Truss Bridges for Railroads.  The Method of Calculating
 Strains in Trusses, with a careful comparison the the most
 prominent Trusses, in reference to economy in combination, etc.,
 etc.  By Bvt. Col. William E. Merrill, U.S.A., Corps of
 Engineers.  Nine lithographed plates of illustrations.


Shreve on Bridges and Roofs.

8vo, 87 wood-cut illustrations. Cloth. $3.50.

A treatise on the Strength of Bridges and Roofs---comprising the
 determination of Algebraic formulas for Strains in Horizontal,
 Inclined or Rafter, Triangular, Bowstring, Lenticular and other
 Trusses, from fixed and moving loads, with practical
 applications and examples, for the use of Students and
 Engineers.  By Samuel H. Shreve, A. M., Civil Engineer.


The Kansas City Bridge.

4to. Cloth. $6.00

With an Account of the Regimen of the Missouri River,---and a
 description of the Methods used for Founding in that River.  By
 O. Chanute, Chief Engineer, and George Morison, Assistant
 Engineer. Illustrated with five lithographic views and twelve
 plates of plans.


Clarke's Quincy Bridge.

4to. Cloth. $7.50

Description of the Iron Railway.  Bridge across the Mississippi
 River at Quincy, Illinois.  By Thomas Curtis Clarke, Chief
 Engineer. With twenty-one lithographed plans.


Whipple on Bridge Building.

New edition. 8vo. Illustrated. Cloth. $4.

An Elementary and Practical Treatise on Bridge Building. By S.
 Whipple, C. E.


Roeblings's Bridges.

Imperial folio. Cloth. $25.00.

Long and Short Span Railway Bridges.  By John A. Roebling, C. E.
 With large copperplate engravings of plans and views.


Dubois' Graphical Statics.

8vo. 60 Illustrations. Cloth. $1.50.

The New Method of Graphical Statics.  By A. J. Dubois, C. E.,


Eddy's Graphical Statics.

8vo. Illustrated. Cloth. $1.50.

New Constructions in Graphic Statics.  By Prof Henry T. Eddy, C.
 E., Ph.D.  With ten engravings in text and nine folding


Bow on Bracing.

156 Illustrations on Stone. 8vo. Cloth. $1.50.

A Treatise on Bracing, ---with its application to Bridges and
 other Structures of Wood or Iron.  By Robert Henry Bow, C. E.


Stoney on Strains.

New and Revised Edition, with numerous illustrations. Royal 8vo, 664 pp.

Cloth. $12.50.

The Theory of Strains in Girders---and Similar Structures, with
 Observations on the Application of Theory to Practice, and
 Tables of Strength and other Properties of Materials.  By Bindon
 B. Stoney, B. A.


Henrici's Skeleton Structures.

8vo. Cloth. $1.50.

Skeleton Structures, especially in their Application to the
 building of Steel and Iron Bridges.  By Olaus Henrici.


Burgh's Modern Marine Engineering.

One thick 4to vol. Cloth. $25.00. Half morocco. $30.00.

Modern Marine Engineering, applied to Paddle and Screw
 Propulsion.  Consisting of 36 Colored Plates, 259 Practical
 Wood-cut Illustrations, and 403 pages of Descriptive Matter,
 the whole being an exposition of the present practice of the
 following firms : Messrs. J. Penn & Sons ; Messrs. Maudslay,
 Sons & Field ; Messrs. James Watt & Co. ; Messrs. J. &
 G. Rennie ; Messrs. R. Napier & Sons ; Messrs. J. & W.
 Dudgeon ; Messrs. Ravinhill & Hodgson ; Messrs. Humphreys
 & Tenant ; Mr. J. T. Spencer, and Messrs. Forrester & Co. 
 By N. P. Burgh, Engineer.


King's Notes on Steam.

Nineteenth Edition. 8vo. $2.00.

Lessons and Practical Notes on Steam, ---the Steam Engine,
 Propellers &c., for Young Engineers.  By the late W. R. King,
 U. S. N. Revised by Chief-Engineer J. W. King, U. S. Navy.


Link and Valve Motions, by W. S.


Sixth Edition. 8vo. Cloth. $3.00.

Application of the Slide Valve and Link Motion to Stationary,
 Portable, Locomotive and Marine Engines.  By William S.
 Auchincloss.  Designed as a hand-book for Mechanical Engineers.
 Dimensions of the valve are found by means of a Printed Scale,
 and proportions of the link determined without the
 assistance of a model.  With 37 wood-cuts and 21 lithographic
 plates, with copperplate engraving of the Travel Scale.


Bacon's Steam-Engine Indicator.

12mo. Cloth. $1.00

A Treatise on the Richards Steam-Engine Indicator,---with
 directions for its use.  By Charles T. Porter.  Revised, with
 notes and large additions as developed by American Practice,
 with an Appendix containing useful formulæ and rules for
 Engineers.  By F. W. Bacon, M. E., Illustrated.  Third Edition. 


Isherwood's Engineering Precedents.

Two Vols. in One. 8vo. Cloth. $2.50.

Engineering Precedents for Steam Machinery.---By B. B.
 Isherwood, Chief Engeneer, U. S. Navy.  With illustrations.


Slide Valve by Eccentrics, by Prof. C. W. MacCord

4to. Illustrated. Cloth, $3.00

A Practical Treatise on the Slide Valve by Eccentrics,---
 Examining by methods the action of the Eccentric upon the Slide
 Valve, and explaining the practical processes of laying out the
 movements, adapting the valve for its various duties in the
 steam-engine.  For the use of Engineers, Draughtsmen,
 Machinists, and Students of valve motions in general.  By C. W.
 MacCord, A. M., Professor of Mechanical Drawing, Stevens'
 Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N. J.


Stillman's Steam-Engine Indicator.

12mo. Cloth. $1.00

The Steam-Engine Indicator,---and the Improved Manometer Steam
 and Vacuum Gauges ; their utility and application.  By Paul
 Stillman.  New edition.


Collins' Useful Alloys.

18mo. Flexible. 50 cents.

The Private Book of Useful Alloys and Memoranda for Goldsmiths,
 Jewellers, etc.  By James E. Collins.


McCulloch's Theory of Heat.

8vo. Cloth. 3.50.

A Treatise on the Mechanical Theory of Heat, and its
 Applications to the Steam-Engine.  By Prof. R. S. McCulloch, of
 the Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va.


Joynson's Metal Used in Construction.

12mo. Cloth. 75 cents.

The Metals Used in Construction : Iron, Steel, Bessemer Metal,
 etc., etc.  By Francis H. Joynson.  Illustrated.


Stuart's Successful Engineer.

18mo. Boards. 50 cents.

How to Become a Successful Engineer.  Being Hints to Youths
 intending to adopt the Profession.  By Bernard Stuart, Engineer.
 Sixth Edition.


Stuart's Naval Dry Docks.

Twenty-four engravings on steel. Fourth edition. 4to. Cloth. $6.00.

The Naval Dry Docks of the United States.  By Charles B. Stuart,
 Engineer in Chief U. S. Navy.


Ward's Steam for the Million.

8vo. Cloth. $1.00.

Steam for the Million.  A Popular Treatise on Steam and its
 Application to the Useful Arts, especially to Navigation.  By J.
 H. Ward, Commander U. S. Navy.


Tunner on Roll-Turning.

1 vol. 8vo. and 1 vol. folio plates. $10.00

A Treatise on Roll-Turning for the Manufacture of Iron, by
 Peter Tunner.  Translated by John B. Pearse, of the Pennsylvania
 Steel Works.  With numerous wood-cuts, 8vo., together with a
 folio atlas of 10 lithographed plates of Rolls, Measurements,


Gruner on Steel.

8vo. Cloth. $3.50

The Manufacture of Steel.  By M. L. Gruner ; translated from the
 French.  By Lenox Smith, A.M., E.M. ; with an Appendix on the
 Bessemer Process in the United States, by the translator. 
 Illustrated by lithographed drawings and wood-cuts.


Barba on the Use of Steel.

12mo. Illustrated. Cloth. $1.50.

The Use of Steel in Construction.  Methods of Working, Apply
 ing, and Testing Plates and Bars.  By J. Barba, Chief Naval
 Constructor.  Translated from the French, with a Preface, by A.
 L. Holley, P.B.


Hydraulic Mining.

18mo. Cloth. Bevelled board. $1.00.

Manual of Hydraulic Mining, for the use of the Practical Miner. 
 By T. F. Van Wagenen, E. M.


Gordon's Electric Induction.

16mo. Limp vellum cloth. 80 cents.

Four Lectures on Static Electric Induction.  By J. E. H. Gordon,
 B. A.


Tucker's Sugar Analysis.

8vo. Cloth. Illustrated.

A Manual of Sugar Analysis.  Including the Applicatins in
 General of Analytical Methods to the Sugar Industry.  With an
 Introduction on the Chemistry of Cane Sugar, Dextrose, Levulose,
 and Milk Sugar. By J. H. Tucker, Ph.D.


Jones' Organic Chemistry.

18mo. Cloth. $1.

Text-Book of Experimental Organic Chemistry for Students.  By
 H. Chapman Jones.


Attwood's Blow Pipe.

12mo. Cloth extra. $2.

Practical Blow-Pipe Assaying.  By George Attwood.  210 pages. 
 74 illustrations.


Plympton's Blow-Pipe Analysis.

12mo. Cloth. $1.50.

The Blow-Pipe ; A Guide to its Use in the Determination of
 Salts and Minerals.  Combined from various sources, by George W.
 Plympton, C. E., A. M., Professor of Physical Science in the
 Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Plattner's Blow-Pipe Analysis.

Third Edition. Revised. 568 pages. 8vo. Cloth. $5.00.

Plattner's Manual of Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis with
 the Blow-Pipe.  From the last German edition, Revised and
 enlarged.  By Prof. Th. Richter, of the Royal Saxon Mining
 Academy.  Translated by Professor H. B. Cornwall ; assisted by
 John H. Caswell.  With eighty-seven wood-cuts and Lithographic


Pynchon's Chemical Physics.

New Edition. Revised and enlarged. Crown 8vo. Cloth. $3.00.

Introduction to Chemical Physics ; Designed for the Use of
 Academies, Colleges, and High Schools.  Illustrated with
 numerous engravings, and containing copious experiments, with
 directions for preparing them.  By Thomas Ruggles Pynchon, M.A.,
 President of Trinity College, Hartford.


Eliot and Storer's Qualitative Chemical Analysis.

New Edition. Revised. 12mo. Illustrated. Cloth. $1.50.

A Compendious Manual of Qualitative Chemical Analysis. By
 Charles W. Eliot and Frank H. Storer.  Revised, with the
 cooperation of the Authors, by William Ripley Nichols, Professor
 of Chemistry in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Rammelsberg's Chemical Analysis.

8vo. Cloth. $2.25.

Guide to a Course of Quantitative Chemical Analysis, Especially
 of Minerals and Furnace Products.  Illustrated by Examples.  By
 C. F. Rammelsberg.  Translated by J. Towler, M.D.


Naquet's Legal Chemistry.

Illustrated. 12mo. Cloth. $2.00.

Legal Chemistry.  A Guide to the Detection of Poisons,
 Falsification of Writings, Adulteration of Alimentary and
 Pharmaceutical Substances ; Analysis of Ashes, and Examination
 of Hair, Coins, Fire-arms, and Stains, as Applied to Chemical
 Jurisprudence.  For the Use of Chemists, Physicians, Lawyers,
 Pharmacists, and Experts. Translated, with additions, including
 a List of Books and Memoirs on Toxicology, etc., from the French
 of A. Naquet.  By J. P. Battershall, Ph. D., with a Preface by
 C. F. Chandler, Ph. D., M.D., LL.D.


Prescott's Qualitative Chemistry.

12mo. Cloth. $1.50.

First Book in Qualitative Chemistry.  By Albert B. Prescott,
 Professor of Organic and Applied Chemistry in the University of