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Smell: Spammish smell

Texture: A little finer texture than classic SPAM.

Method of preparation: Straight out of can.

Comments: Yup, it tastes like they put Tabasco in it. Not too much,
it is not too hot for most people, especially if you put it in a
sandwich or something. A little finer texture than classic SPAM.

Overall Rating: Not a bad variant of SPAM.

Note: Yup, this is a dupe. But the front label is a little different,
and this time all the sides of the can were scanned. Maybe one of the
entries will be removed in the future.

Image: 037a.jpg        Image: 037c.jpg

Image: 037e.jpg        Image: 037g.jpg        Image: 037f.jpg
Image: 037b.jpg        Image: 037d.jpg