-Great Value-

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-Great Value-

Smell: Kind of spammy.

Texture: Soft, not firm. Almost mushy.

Method of preparation: Sample from can, then fried some up with eggs.

Comments: I had the privilege of comparing this 1-1 with real SPAM (#87).
The SPAM was firmer, denser, more finely chopped, tasted less salty and
left less grease in the pan, even though the nutrition labels looked the
same. Found a couple small chips of bone in the direct sample test.

The subject of cans is interesting. This uses the same aluminum can as
real SPAM, shorter with seamless sides. Of course you can't tell if it
was canned by Hormel or someone else with identical equipment. But sadly,
the identical can houses an inferior product.

Overall Rating: I think the moral here is that you need to keep a can of
real SPAM around to compare with the pretenders. The GV product is
generally lower in quality, and is too salty, a problem that does not
get better if you fry it.

So, if you are stocking an air raid shelter and want to save a few bucks
on something that will just be thrown out after 10 years, this might be a
good choice. SPAM is better. Really.

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