-El Ebro-

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-El Ebro-

Smell: Pretty awful, but the can was really old when opened.

Texture: Crumbly, very unappealing. Chorizos is a sausage, so the can was
packed kind of like Vienna Sausage, with the cut sausage standing end up
in the can. That makes it very un-Spam like.

Method of preparation: I admit to tasting a small amount of this, and I
also admit to regretting that I did. The resemblance to good, fresh store
bought chorizos is almost nonexistent. The fat in the can did not melt with
mere hot water, it had to be boiled to melt. The contents stained

Comments: Chorizo is not classical Spam, but it does come in the classic
aluminum can, the right size and everything. If corned beef came in
this can I would take it.

Overall Rating: Not good Spam, not good chorizos, just plain not good.
Darned near inedible. 0/10.

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