-Hereford Corned Beef-

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-Hereford Corned Beef-

Smell: Corny canned meat

Texture: Firm and homogeneous, not the shredded texture I usually
associate with corned beef.

Method of preparation: Sample from can, tried with some eggs. Even
diced small it does not fall apart.

Comments: You have to give this one a SPAM pass because it is product of
USA, and it seems to be one of the few things in the world that we still
do best. There are lots of beef products, especially in the Halal
category, this one just happens to be corned.

Overall Rating: Good alternative to SPAM, but corned beef lovers may not
be satisfied. It has a firm sliceable texture which is great for lunch
meat, but less good for something like corned beef hash. Mild flavor,
a pretty good product.

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