-Brookdale Luncheon Meat-

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-Brookdale Luncheon Meat-

Smell: Like canned meat.

Texture: Soft an mooshy, as if they wanted to sell you water for the price of

Method of preparation: Sample from can, try spicing some with Kimchi.

Comments: "Made with pork". Gluten free. Aluminum can.
Besides being soft, so soft it would collapse when I tried to cut
it, this stuff was quite salty. So, they are trying to sell you
both water and salt for the price of meat. You can fry it to get
rid of some of the water, but then you have an even saltier spam.
Otherwise, the taste was OK, just a run of the mill spam.

Overall Rating: This is pretty low on my spam-o-meter, since there are so
many other better alternatives.

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