-All Pork-

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-All Pork-

Smell: Like, well, spam. Canned meaty.

Texture: Softer than usual. Had to be careful cutting it into slices because
it could break.

Method of preparation: Small samples from can, and fried.

Comments: "Luncheon Meat", "Made with Pork", "Product of Denmark",
"$1.99 - Amazing Value!". Can "All Pork" really be the brand name? On the
side, the distributor is Momentum Brands, the outfit behind a lot of the stuff
you find in the 99.99 cent stores.

Overall Rating: When fried, the patty just kind of melted like butta, then
firmed up into a solid patty in a pool of it's own pork fat. It's rather
salty, but real SPAM is very salty, so that is expected. Once a lot of the
fat is cooked away, it is really OK.

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