-Argentina Brand (Mustard)-

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-Argentina Brand (Mustard)-

Smell: Like SPAM

Texture: A little softer than real SPAM, but still firm enough.

Method of preparation: Sample from can, sandwich.

Comments: "Made with Pork and Chicken". Ingredients: Contains: Mustard.
If you are disgusted by mustard sardines, maybe you should steer clear of
this. But hey, it's made in the USA, and comes in the Hormel style aluminum
can. Mustard was never a non starter for me, but I'm not sure I want it in my
SPAM. Your main warning is the bright yellow can; you have to look on the
ingredient list to see why it is yellow.
It is an odd duck, though. Made in USA for sale in Phillipines, posing as
product from Argentina.

Overall Rating: Not bothered by the mustard color or flavor. It's about
an 8/10 compared to real SPAM. Not bad stuff, and there is a fair amount
of bad stuff out there.

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