-Great Value Bacon Flavor-

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-Great Value Bacon Flavor-

Smell: Spammy

Texture: This one was really soft, like the product was prepared with too much
water. It was so soft I had trouble cutting a clean slice to scan.

Method of preparation: Sample from can.

Comments: This is just a re-label of an older can (#131). The new label
is a fresh new design.
Tasted OK, but I did not know it was supposed to be bacon until I read the
label. Slightly sweet.
It is a little bit amusing that they provide cooking instructions, as if young
people today do not know how to cook SPAM.
This can had a big ol' dent which did not seem to compromise the product, but
which gives a feel for how careless the palette monkeys at Wal-Mart are.

Overall Rating: Can't really recommend because it is mooshy and would fall
apart in a sandwich, but it probably fries up really nice. Marginal SPAM

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