Captain Comic


The Adventures of Captain Comic was a sidescrolling game written by Michael Denio and released as shareware in 1988.  The object of the game is for you, as Captain Comic (left), to recover the three treasures of Osmoc hidden within the 8 zones.  Along the way, you'll jump over gaps and between ledges, pick up items, and shoot enemies with your Blastola Cola.  There are 14 different enemies, some harder to kill than others.  Every so often, you'll find a Shield to replenish your health, and additional Colas to increase your firepower.  These are all explained in the sections below.

Items        Enemies        Treasures


Blastola Cola – The very first item you'll see, and the second most important next to Shields.  There are a total of 5 Colas in the game for you to collect: one at the start, two in the Lake zone, one on the Moon, and one in the Shed.  When you start the game, you'll only be able to fire straight, and won't be able to hit enemies on the ground.  See Corkscrew below.

Boots – These special boots allow you to jump twice as high as normal.  They are found at the extreme right of the Base zone.

Corkscrew – This helpful gadget makes the Blastola Cola shots stagger, expanding your arc of fire, which allows you to hit the Glow Globes and other enemies much more easily.  It is found at the extreme left of the Base zone.

Door Key – This allows you to open doors.  It is found near the end of the Forest zone.

Lantern – This item is critical to beating the game; without it, you won't be able to see where you're going in the Castle zone.  It is found on a high ledge near the right end of the Tube zone.  It can either be accessed from the left with a short jump (but requiring that you go through both the Shed and the Tube zones), or by Teleporting to the left from the very edge of the platform below and to the right of it.

Shield – A very important item.  Shields will replenish your health if it's running out, and will give you an extra life if your health is already full.  There is at least one in each of the zones.

Teleport Wand – This is a very useful item.  Not only can you teleport to high ledges, but also through walls! It is found in the Cave zone, a screen to the right of the Gold.


Atom – Found in the Tube zone.  It just bounces around the screen diagonally, and it moves faster on the last screen of the zone.

Beach Ball – Found in the Shed and Castle zones.  It bounces around like, well, a beach ball.  It gets faster around the end of the Shed zone and throughout the Castle.

Blind Toad – Found in the Cave zone.  Bounces around on the ground like mad.  Very annoying, but will fall off ledges.

Brave Bird – Found in the Forest, Shed, and Castle zones.  Slowly bounces around the screen diagonally.  Speeds up in the Shed and Castle, though.

Bug-Eyes – Found in the Lake zone.  Like the Blind Toads, these bounce around and fall off ledges, though not nearly as fast.

Fireball – Found in the Lake zone.  Just slowly bounces diagonally.

F.W. Bros. – Found in the Tube zone.  Like the Atom, it bounces diagonally, and speeds up on the last screen.

Glow Globe – Found in the Base zone.  Rolls around on the ground, but does fall off ledges.  Can't be killed if you're on the same ledge as it until you have the Corkscrew.  There is a faster one in addition to the slow one on the last screen of the Base zone.

Killer Bee – Found in the Cave, Shed, and Castle zones.  Flies horizontally and vertically, aiming for Comic's head.  Gets faster in the Shed.

Saucer – Found in the Moon zone.  Slowly bounces diagonally, but, like the Glow Globe, it picks up a faster companion on the last screen of the zone.

Shy Bird – Found in the Forest zone.  Unlike the Brave Bird, this bird will, if you're looking toward it, avoid you, flying up toward the top of the screen.  But when it gets behind you, it'll come back down and aim for Comic's head.

Space Pollen – Found in the Moon zone.  Just bounces around diagonally.

Spark – Found in the Tube zone.  Like the Atom and F.W. Bros., it bounces around, and speeds up on the last screen.

Spinner – Found in the Castle zone.  Just like the Shy Bird, it will try to avoid you when you're facing it, and attack when your back is turned.  Speeds up on the last screen of the zone.


Picking up one of these will automatically give you an extra life and full health.

Gems – Found near the end of the Moon zone.

Gold – Found on the other side of a large pit in the Cave zone.

Crown – Found in an isolated room at the beginning of the Castle zone.  The last door in the Castle will lead to this room; pick up the Crown to win the game!

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