Captain Comic 2


More formally known as "Captain Comic II: Fractured Reality", this sequel to Captain Comic takes the sidescrolling capabilities of the original to the next level, allowing for two-dimensional scrolling (i.e., the screen can scroll both vertically and horizontally instead of just the latter, as in the original).  CC2 also added the ability for Comic to switch between 4 primary actions: the Pickaxe, Jetpack, and Magic Wand in addition to the Blastola Cola, using PageUp and PageDown to switch between them.  And in CC2 there are many, many more items, and over a dozen different door keys.  All-new enemies (and other hazards, too) round it out, along with 6 boss enemies that Comic must defeat in order to prevent the fracturing reality from tearing itself apart.

Essential Items        Other Items        Door Keys        Friends        Enemies        Bosses        Other Hazards

Essential Items

Blastola Cola – Now where would Comic be if he didn't have his Blastola Cola?  (Interestingly, he didn't even bring one from his previous adventure with him…) There are a total of 5 Colas in the game: 1) near the entrance to the Base area, to the right of the start; 2) in the chest directly above the start (accessible only by the highest bridge); 3) in a side room in the Techno reality; 4) on a platform below the door to the Jetpack in the same reality; and 5) in the Time reality, in a pot through the first door after arriving in 2028 Senots.

Boots – Yes, he wouldn't get very far without these, either. As before, they allow Comic to jump twice as high as normal. Find the broken lantern near the beginning of the mine cart ride, and, once you've defeated the Magic reality's boss, use his Magic Wand to turn the broken lantern into the Boots.

Corkscrew – Oh boy, the Corkscrew! Don't cheer yet, because this one doesn't work quite the same as in CC1… Until you have the Pinwheel Shot Randomizer, this will make the Cola shots fire in a single sine wave pattern, and this makes it only slightly easier to hit enemies on the ground, but they can still avoid it.

Extra Life – In CC1, you had to rack up points, pick up one of the three treasures, or hold onto full health till you got a Shield to get extra lives.  CC2 has made it lots easier to get them—on paper.  You can't get extra lives with a Shield at full health anymore (you'll collect the Shield; very useful, but…), nor by racking up points.  Most of these are hidden in crates, in breakable walls, or magically disguised as a useless item.

Fuel Pack – These give you fuel for the Jetpack until you acquire the Infinite Fuel Pack.  Each fuel pack contains 50 units (1/2 tank) of fuel.

Gems – Gems, in this game, are the other way of getting extra lives.  For each 100 Gems that you collect, you'll get an extra life. As you can see, they come in three denominations.

Infinite Fuel Pack – Found in the boss room in 2028 Senots in the Time reality (in a pot in a pit to the right of the door), this item is quite a life-saver.  No longer will you have to worry about fuel for the Jetpack—and this is doubly important, as the first two screens of the Dreams reality involve constant use of it.

Jetpack – An extremely important item; you can't finish the Nature, Time, or Dreams realities without it.  It eats up fuel like it's going outta style; until you get the Infinite Fuel Pack, you'll have to keep a close eye on that fuel meter when using it.  The Jetpack is found in a secret room in the Techno reality, through a door above the fourth Blastola Cola.

Magic Wand – Found in the Magic reality (gee, that was hard to guess), hidden in the wall behind the boss's throne.  It can be used to turn a useless item (e.g., the tuning fork) into something more important (e.g., an Extra Life). At the very end of the game, when you've collected all six Power Crystals, the Wand can be used to destroy them.

Pickaxe – Yet another very important item is the Pickaxe, which Comic receives from the Skrejgib working on the escape pods in the Base.  It's used to destroy things like crates, pots, and treasure chests.  And, more importantly, you can't continue without it, as a crate blocks the tunnel to the mine cart ride.

Pinwheel – This is the Pinwheel Shot Randomizer, the solution to that little problem of enemies avoiding Corkscrew fire.  It's found in the Ice reality, hidden in the right-hand wall of a tiny room accessible through a narrow pit from the area where you'll find the snowman.

Power Crystal – The objects of the game; there are six total.  You'll be able to collect them after defeating each of the six bosses.  After collecting all six, reality will be whole again, and the native by the machine will tell you to destroy them with the Wand, which frees the spirits of those that died mining the crystals.

Shield – As always, Shields are very important.  And in CC2, when you pick one up on full health, instead of getting an extra life, you'll have a spare Shield in your inventory!  This method can save your life many times over, so stock up on them.  (SECRET: There are two Shields and two Extra Lives behind two pickaxe-able walls through an invisible hole in the floor to the right of the native who gives you the Temple Key.)

Snow Boots – Found in the Ice reality, these special boots will allow Comic to not only walk on ice normally without slipping, but to jump off of it normally, as well.

Other Items

Broken Lantern – As mentioned, this isn't really a lantern at all, but the Boots.  It's found on a platform below the start of the mine cart ride; once you have the Wand, use it to change the broken lantern into the Captain's favorite springy footwear.

Chests and Crates – These are found all over the game, and often have something of value in them, like Gems or Shields.

Crystal Ball – This ordinary-looking crystal ball is found in the extreme upper-left of the boss screen in the Magic reality.  Hit it with the Wand to turn it into the first Power Crystal.

Hammer – This is one of the two absolutely-useless items in the game.  Found in a crate in the escape pod room.

Lantern – This looks a lot like the Lantern from the first Captain Comic game.  (In fact, it's identical.)  Hit it with the Wand, though, and it'll turn into a 5-Gem piece.

Mirror – This ordinary-looking mirror is found in the extreme upper-left of the screen prior to the boss room in the Magic reality.  Hit it with the Wand to turn it into a 10-Gem piece.

Necklace – Likewise with this necklace, found in the same area.  Hit this with the Wand to turn it into another 10-Gem piece.

Screwdriver – The other absolutely useless item from the escape pod room.

Snowman's Head – This snowman's head is found on the surface above the caverns you enter after the toboggan ride in the Ice reality.  If you set it down and hit it with the Wand, it'll turn into the key card that you'll need for the Techno reality.

Trophy – After defeating the sixth and final boss in the Dreams reality, picking up this Trophy, setting it down, and hitting it with the Wand will turn it into the sixth and final Power Crystal.

Wrench – Found in the escape pod room, this wrench is not absolutely useless like the hammer and screwdriver; hit it with the Wand to reveal an Extra Life.

Vial – Found behind the flaming-madman-of-a-boss in 2028 Senots in the Time reality, this isn't your ordinary vial.  Hit it with the Wand to turn it into the Red Time Key that you'll need to retrieve the Power Crystal.

Door Keys

Base Key – This key is found after swimming through a short maze into the lower areas of the Base, and can be used thereafter to open any door in said building.

Blue Team Key – Found in the castle in the Dreams reality (behind a chalk door), this key allows Comic to enter the Blue Team area of the Dream Castle.

Castle Key – This red key is found in the Magic reality, in a room directly below the magician's castle.

Clock – While it doesn't really look like a key, this ordinary-looking clock is the only thing that can power the time machine in the Time reality, and, along with the Yellow Time Key, allow you to enter the time machine door.  It's found in the Nature reality, in the second house (the one after all those horrible tornadoes).

Key Card – Found in the Ice reality after zapping a snowman's head with the Wand, this key card allows you to enter the doors in the Techno reality.

Mine Key – Found shortly after the end of the mine cart ride, this key allows you to travel freely throughout the mines.

Skull Key – Found on a platform in the upper-left of that same room.  This key allows Comic to get to the crystal mines.

Snow Key – Found immediately after the toboggan ride in the Ice reality.  This key lets you go through the doors in said reality.

Teddy Bear – Found in 2028 Senots in the Time reality, this ordinary-looking teddy bear is just what it appears to be—a teddy bear.  But without it, you can't get past the first screen of the Dreams reality.

Temple Key – Found at the end of the crystal mines, this key will give you access to the Temple.

Yellow Time Key – This key is found in a pot in the Time reality (gee, who'd have guessed?).  Along with the Clock, this will allow the Captain to use the time machine to travel to 2028 Senots.

Red Time Key – As mentioned, this key is hidden behind the guise of a green vial behind the fiery boss in 2028 Senots.  It allows you to open the iron-barred door leading to the Power Crystal.


Dreams Star – You'll meet this guy at the beginning of the Dreams reality.

Freed Ghost – Once you destroy all 6 Power Crystals at the end of the game, the ghosts will be freed and will fly up, and one of them will take Comic with it.

Natives – These fellows are the natives of Chronia, and will usually give you some storyline when you walk into them.

Native Kid – You'll find two youngsters in the second house in the Nature reality (the same one with the Clock in it).

Skrejgib – Like the Chronian natives, these guys will usually have something important to say when you run into them.  And yes, that's "Big Jerks" spelled backwards.  (Well deserved, as you'll find out in the end.)


Amoeba – At least, that's what I'm calling it.  It swims around in the watery area of the Temple.

Ant – Found in the Magic reality, these nasty ants crawl on the tree branches, but when Comic walks underneath them, they dive down!

Atom – Like the Atom in the previous game, this thing just bounces off the walls like crazy.  It's found in the last two rooms of the Techno reality.

Bats – Found in the mines and in the caverns of the Ice reality.  These dive from above and attempt to hit Comic, and they are quite fast, so be on the lookout.

Big Ant – The bigger variety of the aforementioned Ants.  Fortunately, they just crawl on the ground, but they do twice as much damage if they hit you.

Bird – Given the environment it's in (the Nature reality), there's a good reason why these birds fly oddly.

Boinger – Found in the Techno reality, these bounce around, creating quite a nuisance.

Bouncing Crystal – Found in the Dreams reality, these are pseudo-Power Crystals that bounce off the walls like crazy.

Bouncing Trophy – It does KIND of look like a trophy… Other than that, it acts like the Boingers from Techno.

Ceiling Plant – This strange plant hangs from the ceiling, and waits for Green Things to feed it whatever happens to jump over them.

Fireball – This nasty fireball is one of a zillion thrown by the Time boss.

Fish – These guys just swim around…

Fly – I'm calling it a fly, because I can't think of anything better.   These horrible bugs dive out of the sky at Comic and, if they don't hit you, will gather behind you, setting up a potentially fatal encounter should you stop.  (It is possible to quickly turn around and kill most of such a swarm, but difficult.) They are found in the Time reality.

Helicopter – Found in the battlefield room in the Dreams castle, these are almost as bad as the rocket launchers further on in that same room.  They dive out of the sky and gang up on you like the flies in Time.

Herbotanks – Rolls around the Base getting in Comic's way.

Jumping Plant – This bizarre plant, when Comic comes near it, will jump in the air and bounce around.

Lizard – These Time lizards just crawl on the ground, but their speed makes them difficult to hit.

Mechanical Bird – How cute, wind-up birds.  They are only found in one room—the first room of the Techno reality.

Mouse – These little mice crawl on the ground in the mines, and stop just short of Comic and wave their little sword around.  Since Comic doesn't have the Corkscrew or Pinwheel at this point, they're quite a nuisance.

Potted Plant – This little shrub stays put when Comic is facing it, but dashes after him when he turns away.

Rat – A constant nuisance in the Time reality.  They almost seem to fly when they jump around…

Robot – The terror of the Techno reality.  Walks fast, and does a lot of damage on contact.

Spaceships – Found in the first two screens of the Dreams reality, Comic should avoid them if possible.

Spark – One of many that are flung off the six pillars by the Techno Boss.

Snake – These guys climb up and down the trees in the Magic reality.

Snowball – Not your ordinary snowball…

Starfish – These starfish will swim directly toward Comic, but can usually be avoided.

Storm Cloud – These are thrown by the Nature Boss.  (They're actually the same cloud; I just captured two different frames.)

Tank – Found on the battlefield in the Dreams reality, these don't do much more than just get in the way.

Trophy – Yes…the same one! The Dreams boss lays a fake one out as bait for you to fall down the pit into his lair, and then throws a bunch of bouncing ones at you.  (Then you kill him, and the real one appears, only it's not really real…)

Tumbleweed – It's a tumbleweed. Makes sense, right? After all, there's all those tornadoes in Nature to go with them…

Walking Plant – For some reason, all of the plants around the surface of the planet have mutated and gone berserk.  These are the least dangerous, as they just "walk" around.

Water Snake – Found in the Nature reality.  Like the Starfish, they home in on Comic.


Magic Boss – Fairly easy to defeat, since his attacks (the blue sparkles) don't actually hurt you, only cause you to trip backwards.  Once you kill him, though, go to his throne and pickaxe the blocks behind it to reveal his Magic Wand, which you can use to turn the crystal ball from the far upper-left of this screen into the first Power Crystal.

Ice Boss

Techno Boss

Nature Boss

Time Boss

Dreams Boss

Other Hazards

Asteroid – These fast-moving rocks are difficult to avoid while using the Jetpack to travel through the second screen in the Dreams reality.

Debris – Where there's an city-destroying earthquake, there's bound to be debris… and that's exactly the case in 2028 Senots in the Time reality.

Ghost – The ghosts of the crystal miners aren't very happy when Comic comes down into the mines. Nearly impossible to avoid, and impossible to kill (since they're already dead).

Green-Handed Lantern – While not a hazard by itself, once you get into the teams' bases in the Dreams castle, it is placed to warn you of a possible hazard (like a hole in the floor).

Green Thing – These, when Comic jumps over them, will rise up into the air (usually taking Comic with them) toward hungry plants hanging from the ceiling.  By themselves they don't hurt you, and you can use their lifting power to your advantage in the Magic reality's castle.

Icicle – These will drop from the ceiling when Comic comes within a block of them.  And the Ice Boss room has Icicles that come down nonstop until you kill him.

Note – Not really an obstacle; it's just a bit of a setback for the Captain.  (SPOILERS; highlight to read) * It's a note from the Skrejgib, saying that they've taken off with Comic's ship and the three treasures of Osmoc, stranding Comic on Chronia indefinitely, since its civilization won't have space travel for another thousand years (You see… I told you they were a bunch of "Big Jerks"!).  Fortunately for our hero, the natives have found the old Senots time machine and set it for the far future (from which no one has ever returned), and Comic steps in, hoping to find a way off-planet there.  It's a shame Denio didn't make another sequel… (By the way, if you go back to the room where you got the Base Key after collecting a few Power Crystals, you'll find a note from the Skrejgib similar to this one telling you that their base has become too dangerous and that they have taken refuge in your ship.) *

Panicked Native – While not an enemy per se, these natives have a good reason to be panicky—an earthquake—and thus are a bit of a nuisance, as they'll bump into the Captain, possibly unintentionally sending him into the path of some debris…

Rocket Launcher – Ugh… the dreaded rocket launcher.  There are several of these on the ceiling in the battlefield room in Dreams.  They fire fast, and the missiles can track Comic (not well, though).

Sparkly Things – The former is found in the Temple, and the latter is found all over the castle in Magic. They both will bump you around, and the blue ones may cause you to lose your footing at a bad time; these are thrown by the Magic Boss (which explains why there are so many of them).

Sword – These things hang on the walls… until you walk under them.  They're found in the Green Team room in the Dreams castle.

Tentacle – These are found in the Nature reality, in the caverns.  Shoot these too.

Tornado – Never have there been so many twisters in one place at one time than in the Nature reality.  Combined with the bushes and birds, these can give you a really hard time, since they cause a large amount of damage on contact.

Walking Crystal – A teaser, really.  "Watch the birdie…" (Of course, if you do, the Bouncing Crystals will make you wish you hadn't.)

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