LEVEL 1: Lunar Outpost
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MAIN THREAT:  None, really...


When you start out, there are two directions you can go; the third is blocked by a Red Access Door.  The left fork goes to a room with some Class 1 and 2 Drones, while the right leads to the Red Access Key, hostages, and an Energy Center.

Down at the bottom of the left fork, take care of the many Drones.  At the end of the long hallway here, there is a secret door that reveals some more Drones.  As soon as you come in, shoot the upper-right corner of the ceiling in front of you.  Another secret door opens, revealing a Small Hulk that drops a Laser Cannon when you kill it.  In the previous room, there is a pit that has a C2D and a secret door with a Shield.  There are plenty of other Shield and Energy Boosts in the room as well.  Back out in the hallway there is a hole in the floor with some more goodies.  Notice that the grate in the dark passage looks into the reactor room.  Feel free to take out the two C1D's hovering nearby, and any SMH's that are stupid enough to venture near.  Afterwards, backtrack to the first room.

The right fork leads to yet another fork, the left leading to the area with the RAK, and the right leading to the hostages and EC.

Down the left tunnel, you'll find upper and lower passages, the lower of which leads to a room with a SMH and a Vulcan Cannon.  Dispose of the C1D's and C2D's, and head to the end of the hallway.  This small room has a couple of SMH's and some C2D's, as well as the RAK and some Shield Boosts.

The right passage has mostly C1D's, but a few C2D's.  Destroy the C2D, blow up the hostage door, and recover both hostages.  In the next room, dispose of the Drones appropriately, and head down the left passage to find some more C1D's and some Concussion Missiles.  Back in the big room, go down the opposite passage.  Head either direction, and at the first turn (destroying the C2D) shoot the ceiling in the corner.  A door will open, revealing a passage with some Homing Missiles and Vulcan Ammo.  Fuel up in the EC if necessary, and then backtrack to the very first room.

Now that you have the RAK, head through the Red Door in the first room to reach a long tunnel, at the end of which are two C1D's.  Destroy them, then turn down and head along this tunnel to the reactor room.  In here, in addition to the reactor, are a few SMH's, and a C1D or two.  Dispose of them, and blow up the reactor; grab the Homing Missile Pack behind it before heading through the exit at the opposite end of the room.


  1. At the end of the long hallway down the left fork from the first room.
  2. In the ceiling inside the first secret room, just inside the door; contains a SMH who will drop a Laser Cannon.
  3. In the pit inside the first secret room; contains a Shield Boost.
  4. In the ceiling of each of the connecting tunnels to the EC; contains a Homing Missile Pack and some Vulcan Ammo.


  1. EXIT: Across from the reactor.