LEVEL 8: Mars Processing Station
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MAIN THREATS:  The cramped hallways in the Blue area swarming with mechs.


Note: Levels from this point onward only apply to the full version of DESCENT.

Under constructionA bit of a respite from the horrors you just endured on Mercury.  This level has a trio of new mechs to greet you (as well as some old friends).

Robot Maker #1:


Trigger:  Go through the entrance to the RM chamber in either direction

Robot Maker #1:


Trigger:  Enter the large chamber in Yellow Access from either door


  1. At the end of a dark hallway with a MDH prior to the four-secret room; the passage contains two VD's, two SB's, an EB, and a Smart Missile.
  2. In the ceiling of the upper tunnel in sight of the Yellow Key; contains a 4-pack of Homing Missiles.
  3. In the room immediately preceding the one with the Red Key; has a Cloaking Device and EB.


  1. Four auto-closing secret doors in the room above the tunnel leading to the lower Blue Door, triggered by entering that room from the room with the Exit and Red Door.  The first contains an Invulnerability, the second a pair of SL's, the third another SL, and the fourth a Plasma Cannon.
  2. In the same room as the Red Key, triggered by flying in and out of the small indentation in the wall containing the Key. Contains two SB's and two EB's.
  3. EXIT: In the same room as the Red Door, on the opposite side.