SECRET LEVEL 2: Asteroid Military Depot
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DIFFICULTY:  Intermediate

MAIN THREATS:  The whole thing's a threat.


This one is actually easier than the other two secret levels, if you do it right.  There are many Cloaking Devices in this level, and more may be dropped by the Cloaked Vulcans; use them wisely!

What I usually do (and this works quite well most of the time) is begin by grabbing the Cloak directly in front of the starting point, and then flying clockwise around the level, alternately firing Homers and Fusion blasts at the VD's scattered about, and collecting the powerups if I need them.

Once that's done, open the door across from the starting point (this is the one that does NOT have a Super Hulk behind it), but do NOT enter the center room yet.  From this distance, blast the two SUH's at the opposite door, then head to one of the side doors.  Carefully pick off the SUH behind the door, and then blast the one at the opposite door.  Now that they're gone, you won't have to worry about them while dealing with the two robot-makers in the middle of the center room.

Robot Maker #1:


Trigger:  Any of the 4 entrances to the room

Robot Maker #2:


Trigger:  Any of the 4 entrances to the room

These two robot-makers are rather nasty ones, consisting of Cloaked Vulcans (the bottom one) and Cloaked Hulks (top).  Just enter the room from any of the 4 unlocked doors, and then pick them off from a distance.  Do that three times, and then pick through the debris.

(Alternative for higher difficulties:  Using the two Cloaking Devices at either end of the upper tunnel, trigger the RM's, pick up a Cloak, trigger them again, pick up the other Cloak, and trigger the final time.  Then, from any of the 4 doors, blast the cloaked bots with the Fusion until they're gone.  This can be dangerous, but it's worth the Energy you'll save.)

There is an Extra Life in the bottom pit, and by this time many Concussion Missiles (and probably a Cloak or two) scattered about, as well as the obvious RAK.

You'll notice that the four doors leading to the walled-off chambers of this room are locked on the outside.  However, they CAN be opened from the inside.  Firing at one, dashing out the nearest door, and darting in the opened door will allow you to pick up the various weapons as well as the four hostages.  There is also a tunnel running above the level from the start to the Red Door, and the latter end has the Exit in the ceiling.  There is also a hidden locked door in the floor near the latter end; as with all 3 secret levels, this hides some Supervisors containing valuable goodies along with a few (okay, a lot of) nasty bots.  More on that in a moment.

The Reactor room in Red Access is like in most of the other levels of late: all Super Hulks.  However, there is an Invulnerability in the back, and Shield Boosts off to the sides.    Now, on the first secret level, you didn't have the luxury of an INV when attacking the aforementioned Supervisors, so I suggest that you pick it up LAST.  Grab a Cloak somewhere (there should be at least one left over), and pick off the three SUH's (difficult if one goes behind the Reactor).  After vaping the Hulks, grab the Shields, the INV, switch to Fusion, blast the Reactor, and run.  Make a beeline for the hidden door and dump a Mega Missile into the group of Supervisors, then vaporize the eight VD's that pop out.  Grab the Mega Missiles and Extra Life, and get outta there!



  1. In the floor of the upper tunnel, just beyond the Exit room; has 4 SVR's, one with 3 Mega Missiles, one with an Extra Life, and the other two with 4 VD's each.  (Triggered by the Reactor.)
  2. EXIT: Straight up from the area with the Red Door.