Outrageous or Other Notable Things in the Book

These items were culled while proofreading the text. If a statement in the book was interesting, whether it showed insight or ignorance, it may have been noted here.

Hopefully these provide good jumping off points for your own reading of the book.

pg0043 "barbarous usage of corsets"

What the Lungs Are: The medical establishment rails against the barbarous usage of corsets.
pg0053 surgery too dangerous for appendicitis...

Appendicitis? Maybe you should just tough it out.
pg0197 Pudding and beef make Britons fight -- How nutrition conquered India.

"The Irish and the Hindo would not have submitted so supinely to the rule of England had their diet, which consists chiefly of vegetables, been more highly nutritious like that of the British."
pg0129 Why you should take your calomel.
pg0202 Why vegans are wrong.
pg0218 "Troublesome corpulence may sometimes result, however, from eating too much starchy food, and it has been supposed that attacks of diabetes, a disease which is characterized by the presence of sugar in the urine, are occasionally due to the same error in diet."

Starchy food causes diabetes? They thought so 100 years ago.
pg0268 I would take Malaria, probably the only infectious disease that had an effective treatment.
pg0271 Cholera is not contagious.
pg0319 Cretinism caused by bad water and lack of sunlight.
pg0320 Diabetes shrinks your brain.
pg0333 Are you afflicted by Softening of the Brain?

"Softening of the Brain" was believed to be a real disease, with a variety of catastrophic neurological symptoms.
pg0348 Bleeding to relieve congestion of the brain.
pg0351 Cerebritis - Suppressed Menstruation

The treatment is leeches. Too gross to imagine.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was once called "Scrivener's Palsy", and one touted treatment was the "ingenious typewriter".
pg0367 Masturbation causes epilepsy.
pg0393 Electric lights may give you cataracts. Well, they really weren't sure.
pg0405 Large ear lobes may predispose you to epilepsy.
pg0405 Danger from Earrings.
pg0450 Death from Bronchitis.
pg0470 The surprising reason that tongue cancer should be surgically removed.
pg0512 Syphilis: A Punishment for Immorality - Read the description, it's not hard to see why.

Syphilis: A Punishment for Immorality. Remember, it was a devastating and incurable disease. Read the description.
pg0519 The Various Ways of Transmitting Syphilis -- the toilet seat was just the beginning.

The Various Ways of Transmitting Syphilis -- the toilet seat is #4. You will never feel safe again.

Transmitting syphilis by paper money circulating in a city like Philadelphia, where 50,000 syphilitics are at large.
pg0519 The disease of spermatorrhea or involuntary emissions.
pg0525 Not a new idea -- Medical marijuana for painful menstruation
pg0530 We are barely 100 years removed from this. Woman a Constipated Animal.
pg0533 Calomel (mercury) for constipation.
pg0558 Polish Jewesses never bathe.
pg0559 No dancing during the menstrual period.
pg0568 Lack of orgasm - incurable.
pg0574 Cocaine as a remedy for morning sickness.
pg0588 Substitute for Human Milk: If someone you know is an ass, perhaps they were raised on asses' milk.
pg0591 Children who are prodigies in learning ... are generally destroyed by premature disease in the brain...
pg0600 At last! Nitro-muriatic acid treatment for the disease of freckles.
pg0677 Think the modern world hates left handed people? 100 years ago they could get away with saying this.

Snide dig at the differently handed, by a physician who perhaps should have known better.
pg0682 Treatment for electric shock? The mustard plaster.
pg0707 Soporifics, hypnotics, and insomnia: 100 year old warning that Michael Jackson should have heeded.
pg0731 In 1904, it had not occurred to doctors that men could be nurses, and that women could be physicians.
pg0748 Hate hospital food? Look what they had to put up with back then.
pg0780 Sulphur is a "medicine needed by the young in the spring time".
pg0790 Hops as a treatment for gonorrhea. Pass the lager, please.
pg0792 Garlic, a treatment for whooping-cough.
pg0806 Parsley as a treatment for gonorrhea. Nobody eats parsley.
pg0823 Indian Hemp -- a frequent cause of insanity in Eastern countries.
pg0833 Arguments in favor of moderate use of tobacco.
pg0835 Low T? They thought they could treat it in 1904.
pg0866 Tuberculosis from roller skating?
pg0900 Wolf's Bane for Scarlet Fever.
pg0951 Massage for carpal tunnel. Well, they didn't have much else except the typewriter.
pg0951 Massage treatment for tuberculosis.
pg0953 Treating tuberculosis with electricity!
pg0965 The passion for hunting and fighting, and the enormous annual sale of revolvers...
pg0979 Heredity in Man: Interesting use of a word that might be offensive today, but probably wasn't then.
pg0984 The Improvement of the Human Race by Careful Selection
pg0987 Your bumps and shapes determine who you are. Remember phrenology?
pg0994 The expression of the Frenchman is concentric, rapid and gay.
pg0997 The Elementary Hand -- These people are without aspirations; they but eat, drink, sleep and die.
pg1014 Ever wonder why Hitler was vegetarian? In 1900 vegetarianism was a German folk treatment for Syphilis, and just about everything else.
pg1019 Japanese obsession with skin color and class.
pg1021 Tatooing in Japan -- a barbarous custom banned.
pg1024 In Japan, before vaccination smallpox was regarded as a "life-tax".
pg1067 Bananas, so often given to young children, are very bad for them.
pg1068 Soda water with syrups should not be given to children.
pg1068 It is far more important to every child to have a sound body than for it to have an educated brain.
pg1069 Inherited Consumption-- Consumptives should not marry.
pg1070 Children of criminals are epileptics or idiots.
pg1070 Brain workers especially, need vacations. But you all knew that.
pg1078 The unsteadiness of electric light may render it harmful to vision.
pg1087 No Drudgery at Home --- Perspective on "woman's work" in 1900.
pg1092 "Breakfast without coffee is like a wedding without a bride."
pg1100 The beverage "Toast Water". It seems incredible, but it is not a joke. Or, try "Rhubarb Water" or "Wine Whey".
pg1107 Sheep's Head Soup. Not a joke, but I don't find myself pining for the lost cuisine.
pg1109 Recipe for eggnog, which actually might be worth trying.
pg1116 Sweetbreads with mushroom ketchup. Follow with tripe. Now complaining about your hospital food is not allowed.
pg1118 "Beef Omlet", aka meat loaf.
pg1149 To Purify Sinks and Drains, pour a lot of copper sulfate down.
pg1150 To Remove Moths from Furniture, soak it with benzine using a watering can.
pg1155 Bothered by freckles? Try Bichloride of Mercury. Really.
pg1162 Average Lifespan --- Farmers: 65, Female Factory Workers: 28. How did we ever industrialize?
pg1238 Cure number three for diabetes: an all milk diet.
pg1239 Cure for sleeplessness -- hops in the form of a pillow on which to sleep.
pg1245 Always better with bacon? Bacon often used as a poultice, sometimes with salt or pepper, in this case for Scarlet Fever.
pg1250 Spinal cord of a beef is efficacious in curing a felon.
pg1251 Electrical Treatment of Consumption.
pg1252 1904 - One dozen good reasons why a boy should not use tobacco. Spoiler - they haven't changed.
pg1257 Radishes as a cure for Bright's disease (kidney disease).
pg1261 Lemons or lemon juice "to remove tan from face".
pg1284 Medical prescription: Belladonna for hiccups.
pg1293 Look at what survived: Carter's Pills, Listerine, Phillip's MOM, Eagle Can Milk, Horlick's Malt, Nestles, etc.
pg1295 Philips' Milk of Magnesia -- "A mild laxative and an excellent dentifrice"
pg1295 KEASBEY AND MATTISON CO.'S BROMO-CAFFEINE. "A handy effervescent salt for brain workers."
pg1303 Sex of child is determined by the ovary.
pg1304 Can Parents Control the Sex of the Child?
pg1306 The Rythm method inferred but not explicitly taught, including 8 pages of fertility tables.
pg1327 Did Gramma ever tell you to chew your food 32 times? This is Gladstone's rule.
pg1339 An impassioned essay on addiction.
pg1342 Tribromide of Gold as a cure for alcoholism.
pg1368 The Sanmetto Treatment, alleged to increase the size of the reproductive organs. Could this be the origin of all those spams?
pg1369 Double your fun -- the Indian Hemp remedy for Gonorrhea.
pg1370 Tobacco Habit and Cure -- Even over 100 years ago, somebody wasn't listening.
pg1379 Onanism or Self-Pollution: Habit, disease, or crime? Why, it is all three.
pg1383 Solid air, at 3000 degrees below zero.
pg1406a Adrenalin - a miracle drug useful for everything from cardiac arrest to hay-fever. Adrenalin is now called epinephrine, and the controversy over pricing of the Epi-Pen for severe allergic reactions is interesting in light of the fact that the drug itself is more than 100 years old.
pg1406d Formaldehyde is a wonderful antiseptic that is harmless to people and should be used everywhere.

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