Abdomen Massage, German Method
Accidents and Emergencies-How to Stop Bleeding-(Full pg., Col.)
Acromio-Clavicular, or Shoulder Joints
Ague Root Plant, following
Air Passages of the Lungs
Alimentary Canal, from Throat to Anus
Ankle Joint, Section of
Arm, Bent, Showing Muscle Action, following
Arterial Valves of the Heart, View of
Arteries, Full Page View of
Arteries of the Arm
Arteries of the Cheek, Gastric and Lumbar Regions
Arteries of the Head
Arteries of the Leg
Arteries of the Neck
Arteries of the Thigh
Artery, Femoral, Course of the
Artery, Primitive Carotid, View of
Asparagus Plant in Colors, Opposite
Asthma, Breast Gymnastics for
Atlas, The, or First Cervical Vertebra
Baby, How to Feed the
Baby, How to Quiet the
Baby, Right Way to Hold
Baby, Wrong Way to Hold
Back Vertical View of the Heart
Bandages, Views and Uses of all Styles of
Barberry Plant in Colors, Opposite
Bars for Vaulting
Base of Brain and Cerebellum
Belladonna Plant in Colors, Opposite
Bitter-Sweet Nightshade in Colors, Opposite
Blood Corpuscles, Magnified
Bone, Section of, Magnified
Bones of the Forearm Acting as Levers
Bones, Views of Fractured or Broken. (Full pg.)
Bony Labyrinth of Ear, Enlarged View of
Brain and Extension of Spinal Cord
Breast, View of in its Normal Condition
Bronchi and Veins of the Lungs, Sectional View
Burrows of the Itch Insect
Buttock and Back of Human Thigh
Calcification of the Trichina Cyst
Calcified Cyst of the Trichina Spiralis
Capillaries, Network of
Caraway-Seed Plant in Colors, Opposite
Carpus, or Bones of the Hand
Carrot Plant in Colors, Opposite
Cartilage, Section of, Magnified
Cataract, Operation for
Cathartic Ramno Plant in Colors, Opposite
Cavities of Right Side of Heart
Cayenne Pepper Plant, fac-simile of, following
Celery Plant, fac-simile of, following
Cell Elements of a Plant
Chest Cavity, Outline of
Chest, Development of, following
Chest, a Well Developed, following
Chicken Pox, appearance of (Full Page Colored Plate), Opposite
Chittim Bark Plant, fac-simile of, following
Cholera Germ and Four Intestinal Cells, Colored
Cholera, The Germ of, Magnified
Ciliated Epithelial Tissue
Circulation, Diagram of
Colts' Foot Plant in Colors, Opposite
Colostrum Corpuscles of Human Milk
Columnar Epithelial Tissue
Common Black Briony in Colors, Opposite
Common Bramble Plant in Colors, Opposite
Common Chamomile Plant in Colors, Opposite
Common Dill Plant in Colors, Opposite
Common Flax Plant in Colors, Opposite
Common Hedge Nettle Plant in Colors, Opposite
Common Juniper Plant in Colors, Opposite
Common Scurvy Grass in Colors, Opposite
Common Thorn-Apple Plant in Colors, Opposite
Common White Hoarhound in Colors, Opposite
Constituents of Foods
Consumption, Intervesicular Changes in Lungs
Cricket, Proper Playing Postures
Crow-foot Plant in Colors, Opposite
Currant Plant in Colors, Opposite
Dandelion Plant in Colors, Opposite
Deep Dissection Front of Forearm
Deep Dissection of Front of Forearm
Diagram of Both Circulations
Digitalis of Foxglove Plant in Colors, Opposite
Distribution of Nerves in Side of Face
Dumb Bells, Gymnastic Uses of
Eczema, Forms of (Full Page Colored Plate), Opposite
Ear and Organs of Hearing. (Full plate)
Ear, Plan of Inner Cavity of
Ear, Vertical Section of Inner Cavity of
Elbow Joint, Fracture of, an X-Ray Reproduction, Opposite
Elder Plant in Colors, Opposite
Emergency Bandages, following
Emergency Cut, Showing Treatment
Emergency Figure, Full Page, Colored, Treatment of Mad Dog Bite
Emergency Figure, Showing Points of Cure
Encysted Trichina, Highly Magnified
Encysted Trichina in Human Muscle, Colored
External Muscles of the Pupil
Eye, Artificial
Eye, The. (Full Page Plate Description)
Fat, Section of, Magnified
Femur, or Thigh Bone
Fennel Plant in Colors, Opposite
Fibula, or Minor Shin Bone
Fifth Nerve of Organs of Sense
Flexible Crystalline Lens of the Eye
Flexor Muscles, Developing Machine for
Folds of the Intestines
Foot Bones-Tarsus and Metatarsus
Foul Wells and Graveyards
Fractures, Application of Bandages to
Frog's Foot, Circulation in Web of
Front Columns of the Spinal Marrow
Front Vertical View of the Heart
Full Human Figure, Showing Emergency Points
Fungoid Growths Causing Consumption, Colored
Garlic Plant in Colors, Opposite
Garden Beet, fac-simile of, following
Geranium Plant in Colors, Opposite
Golden Thistle Plant in Colors, Opposite
Gown Rubbing, German Method
Grape Vine and Grapes, fac-simile of, following
Great Mullein Plant in Colors, Opposite
Gymnasium Apparatus
Hand,Arteries of the Palm of
Hand, Reading Lines of
Head, Vertical Middle Section of
Heart, Showing Auricles and Ventricles
Heart and Lungs, Sectional View
Heart, The, Full Page Plate Description
Heart Valves, Bird's-Eye View of
Hedge-Mustard Plant in Colors, Opposite
Hellebore Plant in Colors, Opposite
Hemlock Tree, in Colors, Opposite
Hemorrhage, Method of Checking
Henbane Plant in Colors, Opposite
Hip Joint, Socket and Ligaments
Hop Plant in Colors, Opposite
Horizontal Bars, Styes and Uses
Horse-Chestnut Plant in Colors, Opposite
Horse-Radish Plant in Colors, Opposite
Horse, View of the Vaulting
Human Figure, Showing Emergency Cases
Human Liver Cells
Human Internal Organs. (Full Page Colored Plate)
Human Muscle Containing Calcified Trichinæ
Human Teeth, Deciduous and Permanent
Humerus, Bandaging Fracture of
Humerus, or Large Bone of the Arm
Indian Clubs, Gymnastic Uses of
Iris, Ciliary Muscle and Coroidea Membrane of the Eye
Iris or Straw Lily Plant in Colors, Opposite
Itch Insect Magnified 200 Times
Japanese Lady, Middle Class, Portrait
Japanese Lady, Upper Class, Portrait
Jaw-bone, View of the Lower
Jaw, Lower, Dislocation of
Kalmia Latifolis or Laurel in Colors, Opposite
Kneading of Abdomen, German Method
Kneading of Thigh, German Method
Labyrinth of the Human Ear
Lachrymal (Tear) Apparatus
Lacteal and Lymphatic Vessels
Ladder, Styles and Uses of in Gymnastics
Larynx, View of Muscles of
Leaping, Gymnastic Styles and Uses
Leaping Poles, Gymnastic Styles and Uses
Leg, Broken, Bandaging of
Lemon Tree and Lemons, fac-simile of, following
Lens, Error in Curvature of
Licorice Plant in Colors, Opposite
Lily of the Valley in Colors, Opposite
Lime Tree Plant in Colors, Opposite
Liver, The, Showing Lobes and Bile Duct
Liver, Stomach, Spleen and Pancreas, Views of
Lobes of the Mammary Gland
Lumbar Vertebræ, Section of
Lungs, The, and Their Diseases. (Full Page Plate)
Lungs, The, Sectional View
Lymphatics, Veins and Arteries
Lymphatic Vessels of the Human Body
Magnified Globule of Polluted Well Water
Main Artery of Arm, Diagram of
Maine's Elbow Tube Ventilator
Mammary Gland, Changes in from Pregnancy
Mammary Gland, View of
Mammary Gland, View and Description of Parts
Marshmallow Plant in Colors, Opposite
Meadow Saffron Plant in Colors, Opposite
Measles, Appearance of (Full Page Colored Plate), Opposite
Microscopic Objects Found in Drinking Water
Middle Vertical Section of the Brain
Mountain Balm or Calamint in Colors, Opposite
Muscle, View of Well Developed, following
Muscles of the Back
Muscles of the Body, Back View
Muscles of the Body, Front View
Muscles of Back of Forearm
Muscles Back of the Thigh
Muscles of the Chest
Muscles of the Face, Jaw and Neck
Muscles of Front of the Forearm
Muscles of Front of the Leg
Muscles for Swallowing
Muscular System, The, Front View of. (Full Page Colored Plate)
Mustard Plant in Colors, Opposite
Navy Bean, fac-simile of, following
Nerve Cells, Group of, Magnified
Nerves, Magnified and Described
Nerves in Back Part of Forearm
Nerves of the Face and Scalp
Nerves of Front of the Human Leg
Nerves of the Thigh
Nerves of the Thigh, Second View
Nettle Plant in Colors, Opposite
Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Nerves of Organs of Sense
Noguchi, Hydeyo, M. D., of Japan, Portrait, Opposite
Non-Striated Muscles, Magnified and Described
Oak Tree in Colors, Opposite
Optic Nerves, View of Second Pair of
Oregon Wild Grape, fac-simile of, following
Ovary and Mammary Gland, View of
Papa's Peach-Child Picture of Health, Opposite
Parsley Plant in Colors, Opposite
Parts of the Human Skeleton. (Full Page Colored Plate)
Pavement Epithelial Tissue
Pelvis of the Male
Peony Plant in Colors, Opposite
Peppermint Plant in Colors, Opposite
Perforated St. John's Wort in Colors, Opposite
Peritoneum, Showing all Involved Organs
Plantain Plant in Colors, Opposite
Plate of Human Body, Showing Emergency Points
Pleuro-Pneumonia, View of its Effects
Pneumonia, Croupous, or Vesicular View of Effects
Poison from Leaky Drainage
Poppy Plant in Colors, Opposite
Pumpkins, fac-simile of, following
Radius, or Bone of Forearm
Racemose Gland, The
Red-berried Trailing Arbutus in Colors, Opposite
Resuscitation of the Drowning
Retina, Formation of an Image in
Red and White Blood Corpuscles
Ribs, The Human, Showing Thorax
Right Ear, Section of
Rings, Different Styles and Uses in Gymnastics
Ring-worm, View of Effects of
Rosemary Plant in Colors, Opposite
Saffron Plant in Colors, Opposite
Sage or Salvia Plant in Colors, Opposite
Salivary Glands
Sandow's Postures in Physical Culture, following
Sanmetto and Sandal Wood, fac-simile of, following
Scald Head, Appearance of (Full Page Colored Plate), Opposite
Scapula, or Back of the Human Shoulder
Scarlet Fever, Periods of (Full Page Colored Plate), Opposite
Sebacious Gland, Magnified
Section of the Human Eye
Section of the Head, Showing the Dura Mater
Section of the Spinal Vertebræ
Sectional View of Base of the Brain
Semilunar Valves of the Human Heart
Sewer Gas from Badly Trapped Washstand
Sewer Gas from Untrapped Washstand
Simple Glandular Epithelium
Skeleton, The Human. (Full Page Figure)
Skin, The, View of Cells and Blood-vessels
Skull,The Human, View of the Base of
Skull,The Human, Front View of
Small Pox. Forms of (Full Page Colored Plate), Opposite
Spinal Column, Complete Outline of
Stavesacie or Louswort Plant in Colors, Opposite
Stomach, The Human
Stomach Tubule, Showing Fundus and Muscular Coat
Stone Root Plant, fac-simile of, following
Striped Muscle, Magnified Sections of
Succus Alterans, fac-simile of, following
Swimming, View of Proper Posture in
Sympathetic Nerve, The Great
Tansy Plant in Colors, Opposite
Teeth, How and When they First Come. (Full Page)
The Alimentary Canal, Mouth to Anus
Thoracic Aorta, View of
Tibia, or Strong Bone of the Shin
Tomato, fac-simile of, following
Tongue, Full Page Plate View of Parts of
Tongue, The, Showing Mucous Membrane and Glands
Tongue, View of Back of
Tongue, View of Muscles of
Tongue, View of Muscles of Upper Surface
Tongue, View of Muscles of Under Surface
Tongue, View of Section of Front Part
Tortuous Elevation of the Brain
Transverse Section of the Thorax or Chest
Trapeze, Views of Different Styles
Trichina in Human Muscle, Colored
Trichina Spiralis in Human Muscles
Typhoid Poison from Wells
Ulna, Fracture of, an X-Ray Reproduction, Opposite
Ulna, or Bone of the Forearm
Vaccination, Conditions of (Full Page Colored Plate), Opposite
Valerian Plant in Colors, Opposite
Varioloid, Form of (Full Page Colored Plate), Opposite
Veins of the Upper Extremity of the Body
Ventricle of Heart, View of the Left
Vertical Section of the Pupil
View of the Labyrinth of Ear, Left Side
View of Left Ear in Normal State
View of Nervous System in Man
Views of Section of Cervical Cord
View Showing Emergency Bandages, following
View Showing Emergency Points of Human Body
Veins of the Human Leg
Villi of the Small Intestines
Vocal Apparatus, Laryngoscopic Image of
Vocal Cords, Changes of Positions in
Wands and Sticks, Gymnastic Uses of
Wolf's Bane Plant in Colors, Opposite
Womanhood-Portrait of Healthful Lady, Opposite
Wood, Doctor J. P., Portrait of-Frontispiece
Wood-Sorrel Plant in Colors, Opposite
Wormwood Plant in Colors, Opposite
Writing, Correct Position in
Wounded Person, Method of Transporting
Yellow Goats-Beard Plant in Colors, Opposite

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